Training Schedule

January 2020

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  • Union Meeting (Regina)
  • Steward Training (Winnipeg)
  • Steward Training (Winnipeg)
  • Steward Training (Regina)
  • Fall Protection: Energy Safety Canada Certificate (Regina)
  • Steward Training (Regina)
  • Fall Protection: Energy Safety Canada Certificate (Regina)
  • Fall Protection: Energy Safety Canada Certificate (Regina)
  • Fall Protection: Energy Safety Canada Certificate (Saskatoon)
  • Structured Pressure Welding Course (Winnipeg)
  • Fall Protection: Energy Safety Canada Certificate (Winnipeg)
  • Structured Pressure Welding Course (Winnipeg)
  • Structured Pressure Welding Course (Winnipeg)
  • Structured Pressure Welding Course (Winnipeg)
  • Structured Pressure Welding Course (Winnipeg)

Register for a Course

Members wishing to attend any of the scheduled courses please contact a Union Hall to have your name placed on an attendance list.

These courses will be offered on a first come first serve basis so register early to ensure a seat.

Canadian Master Rigger Program

Local 555 will be sending Members to the new training facility in Edmonton to participate in the Canadian Master Rigger Program. This is a new initiative developed by National Training along with Local 146. Anyone interested in this training please email Craig Beauchamp, Local 555 Training Coordinator at  to place your name on a list. There will be limited availability for this training, therefore Members will be selected from the training list by the Coordinator and Business Reps based on rigging experience.

CODC Courses

For CODC course instruction please click here (PDF).

For the CODC website for R&R or Scot courses please click here. For access to these courses you will need to contact a Union Hall for a pin number.

Core Training

Article 7.06 

Effective May 1, 2014, the Union agrees to provide the Employer with qualified employees (including apprentices) who hold the following core health and safety training, WHMIS, Confined Space Entry, Fall Arrest/Fall Protection and Respirator Fit tested. Where required by the customer/client potential employees shall have current CSTS certification or equivalent and H2S Alive.

The Union agrees to provide the Employer with qualified employees (including Apprentices) when requested, to perform personwatch duties when required and when such personwatch is within the Employer’s control.

To meet this contractual obligation Local 555 has joined into partnership with various training providers to try make this training as accessible as possible.

WHMIS: Our primary delivery of this course is included in “SCOT” (formerly CSTS) If necessary we have access to an online version.

CONFINED SPACE: Local 555 is using an online course providing members the access to do this course wherever they have internet access. If required there are computer stations at all union halls for members to use as well. Users will have to be set up and provided a password by the Training Coordinator. To access this site, click here.

FALL PROTECTION: New Fall Protection Requirement for the Province of Ontario – Workers will have until April 1, 2017 to complete an approved working at heights training program and in order to comply with the Legislation anyone wishing to work in the province of Ontario must complete the above mentioned training. The program must be approved by the Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) and must be delivered by a training provider approved by the CPO. Local 555 has an approved training program and an accredited instructor and will be offering training to meet this legislation. This is an in-class, Instructor delivered training course that will also meet the OSSA (Oil Sands Safety Association) and other provincial legislative requirements.

Please see the training calendar or contact a Union Hall for training dates.

RESPIRATOR FIT TEST: Anyone working in Local 555’s jurisdiction must have a valid Quantitative respirator fit test certificate with a 3M 6500 QL series half mask and a 3M 6000 series full face. Please call the office to set up an appointment at one of our 3rd party providers if you require recertification.

H2S ALIVE: The only accredited provider for H2S Alive is the Enform version and it is an 8 hour instructor delivered course. Any member needing certification in this discipline please contact the Training Coordinator for locations and reimbursement approval if required.

Have a Question?

For more information about training contact:

Craig Beauchamp
Training Coordinator
Tel: (204) 987-9200 x7