Steward Training Report 2023

Steward Training Report 2023

Training for the Steward position and the Working Mind program was recently conducted in different parts of the country with more to follow in the year. Working Mind was conducted by Blair Allin, IBB Health & Safety Representative and the Steward training was conducted by Richard MacIntosh International Representative.

Regina Steward Class on January 26th, 2023: Lodge 555 – Yancy Alexanderson, Neil Riley, Clark White, Blake Tremblay, Levgenii Smaglii

Winnipeg Steward Class January 25th, 2023: Lodge 555 – Logan Sali, Cody Ramsy, Brenda Murray, Aric Eissner-Suttie, Jarrod Delaurier, Eric Skoc, David Dueck

January 31 – February 1 2023, Sudbury, Ont – Lodge 128

Front Row – L to R – Guy Sauvageau, Joel Brazzoni, Luke Pasher, Derek Mokohonuk and of course Blair.

Back Row – L to R Leah McIntyre, Matthieu Remillard, Shane Landry, Corey Vahey, John Malik Trevor Barbeau

February 7-8, 2023 Sarnia, Ont – Lodge 128

Front row L to R – Ian Wood, Andre Dion, Roy Grills (L 128 Business Manager), Dalas Santavy (L 128 Sarnia Rep.), John Burns, Blair Allen, Noah Santavy.

Second Row L to R -Jason Spence, Quinn Howlett, Jacob Radske, Andrew Szmiett, Jesse Dowswell, Derek Crawford, Chris Davidson, Kris Normandeau, Sean Rea (L128 Sarnia Rep) , Cody Brown, Derek Taylor, Jim Clark

February 9-10, 2023 Burlington Lodge 128

Back row L to R – Todd Guthrie, Dave Brand, Dan McMahon jr., Bill Mawhinney, Geoff Eves

Front row L to R – Chris McIntosh, Richard Gale, Blair Allin, Eddie Wall (CORE 4 Trainer), Mark Feather

January 17th, 2023 there was also a Steward Class conducted in Langley BC for Lodge 359.