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Job Ready Training Requirements

About Local 555

Lodge 555 was chartered on October 6, 1954 and has the largest geographical area in the whole Boilermaker Organization. The jurisdictional area covers Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario!  Lodge 555 members work in Construction and Maintenance of: Pulp Mills, Power Generation Plants, Petrol-Chemical Plants, Hydro-Dams, Mines and in fabrication shops.  Members of this Lodge hold various Qualifications such as: Boilermaker Red Seal, Welding Red Seal, Steel Fabrication Red Seal and numerous Welding Qualifications. Lodge 555 offers apprenticeships in Boilermaking and Welding leading up to Red Seal Certification.

Check out the training calendar for upcoming courses and submit a registration request online!

Local 555 indentures successful applicants into one of two apprenticeships, Boilermaker or Welder. Upon completion of an apprenticeship the apprentice will have the opportunity to write the Interprovincial Red Seal in the chosen trade to become a Red Seal Journeyperson.

Important benefit and pension plan information for Local 555 members.

Anyone looking for information to provide to their physician explaining the health risks in the work environment, please click on the link below for a brief four-page booklet with prevention information for workers and a diagnostic toolkit for physicians and primary health providers.

Occupational Health Risks for Boilermakers (PDF)

We are please to offer our Members the convenience of making online payments to your dues accounts that can be applied to your monthly dues or death assessments.

New Fall Protection Requirement for the Province of Ontario

Workers will have until April 1, 2017 to complete an approved working at heights training program and in order to comply with the Legislation anyone wishing to work in the province of Ontario must complete the above mentioned training. The program must be approved by the Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) and must be delivered by a training provider approved by the CPO. Local 555 has an approved training program and an accredited instructor and will be offering training to meet this legislation. This is an in-class, Instructor delivered training course that will also meet the OSSA (Oil Sands Safety Association) and other provincial legislative requirements.

Please see the training calendar or contact a Union Hall for training dates.

The Boilermaker Job Ready App

appA new smartphone app that works on Apple and Android devices is helping Canadian Boilermakers make it easier to find work and check in at job sites. The bilingual app, Boilermaker Job Ready, was launched in May and has just been updated to let members get notifications of new job calls, view and apply for open job calls and add themselves to the Travel Card pool. Any Boilermaker who has a Members Only account on can also log in to update information for dispatchers, present their Core Safety Training information for jobsite check-in and view announcements, in addition to the job-call features. The app is available free on the Android and Apple app stores. For more information, please visit

Respirator Fit Test Renewals

Effective November 1, 2017 anyone requiring a renewal on their respirator fit test will be fit tested to the quantitative method. We will be using third party providers to facilitate this fit testing. Please contact the Hall to locate a provider near you.